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Club and Player Insurance

The Irish Rugby Football Union arranges Group Personal Accident cover for all players and certain officials who are members of affiliated Clubs. The Union believes it has a responsibility to provide a minimum level of insurance cover and therefore the scheme is compulsory for all Clubs. Whilst the Union and the Clubs can arrange substantial insurance benefit within their financial means, it still ultimately remains the individual player’s responsibility to ensure that he/she has adequate insurance cover

It is emphasised that this compulsory scheme does not provide payment of medical expenses or loss of earnings, nor does it cover fatal collapse unless a physical accident precedes same. This compulsory scheme is intended to cover serious injury only and, whilst the “Severe injury” benefit at €1,500,000, may appear substantial, it will not necessarily be sufficient to cover the future needs of a seriously injured young player.

As Insurance Brokers for the Irish Rugby Football Union, Aon provide Compulsory Group Personal Accident cover for Clubs in respect of fixed amounts following death or serious injury.
The benefits, which are payable following an accident are:-

(i) Death €500,000
(ii) Loss of 2 limbs and/or the loss of both eyes or 1 limb and 1 eye €500,000
(iii) Loss of 1 limb or the loss of 1 eye €250,000
(iv) Permanent Total Disablement (subject to restrictions – see Compulsory Cover) €650,000
(v) Severe injury involving loss of use of two legs and two arms Additional: €850,000

The IRFU and Garryowen FC stress that the cover provided by the Compulsory scheme is minimum only and it is recommended that individuals should purchase additional cover.

Whilst the current compulsory cover is far greater than the cover provided by other sporting bodies, no-one could accept that this would be sufficient to compensate a seriously injured player

Additional Personal Accident Cover can now be purchased by individuals as per the options outlined on the following downloadable application form:

Individal Player Personal Insurance Form

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