“Our hearts so stout have brought us fame
for soon 'tis known from whence we came
where e'er we go they dread the name
of Garryowen in glory”

US 7th Cavalry Association

Club Officers – Season 2018/19

Fixture Secretary  Tom Clarke fixtures@garryowenrugby.com  087 9073586
Registrar Billy Purcell registrar@garryowenrugby.com 086 6799109
Adult Player Registration Dave Heelan irfu.registration@garryowenrugby.com 086 8620066
Membership Database Admin Dave Ryan membership@garryowenrugby.com 085 2898342
Munster Branch Delegate Jim Gibson munsterbranch@garryowenrugby.com 086 8276214
Deputy Branch Delegate David MaGee branchdeputydelegate@garryowenrugby.com 087 6891332
Underage Secretary Audrey Coffey underagesecretary@garryowenrugby.com 087 6867792
Youth Delegate Andy Nevin youthdelegate@garryowenrugby.com 086 3823444
Child Welfare Mary Robinson child.welfare@garryowenrugby.com 086 2110851
Ticket Officer Jim Kinnevane garryowentickets@gmail.com 086 8225881
Club Steward Ray Quinn clubhouse@garryowenrugby.com 085 1479324
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