“Our hearts so stout have brought us fame
for soon 'tis known from whence we came
where e'er we go they dread the name
of Garryowen in glory”

US 7th Cavalry Association

Under Age

Welcome to the Underage section of the Garryowen FC website.  In this section you will locate:

  • Contact details for the underage committee
  • Contact details for coaches and co-ordinators across the various age groups
  • Fixtures and match reports for each age group throughout the season

Player Registration Form, Policies and Procedure are located here

If you have any queries, please contact:

Position Name Mobile Email
Under Age Secretary Audrey Coffey  087 6867792 underagesecretary@garryowenrugby.com
IRFU Registrations Dave Heelan 086 8620066 irfu.registration@garryowenrugby.com
Child Welfare Officer Mary Robinson 086 2110851 child.welfare@garryowenrugby.com
Youth Delegate Andy Nevin 086 3823444 youthdelegate@garryowenrugby.com




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