“Our hearts so stout have brought us fame
for soon 'tis known from whence we came
where e'er we go they dread the name
of Garryowen in glory”

US 7th Cavalry Association

Energia AIL Ireland League Fixtures

Division 1A

Saturday 5th October

Cork Constitution V Garryowen

Saturday 12th October
Garryowen V Lansdowne

Saturday 19th October
Dublin University V Garryowen

Saturday 2nd November
Garryowen V Ballynahinch

Friday 8th November
Young Munster V Garryowen

Saturday 16th November

Garryowen V Clontarf

Saturday 30th November

Terenure College V Garryowen

Saturday 7th December

Garryowen V UCC

Saturday 14th December
UCD V Garryowen

Saturday 11th January
Garryowen V UCD

Saturday 25th January
UCC V Garryowen

Saturday 15th February
Garryowen V Terenure College

Saturday 22nd February

Clontarf V Garryowen

Friday 28th February
Garryowen V Young Munster

Saturday 21st March
Garryowen V Dublin University

Saturday 28th March

Lansdowne V Garryowen

Saturday 18th April
Garryowen V Cork Constitution

Saturday 25th April

Semi Finals

Saturday 9th May

Saturday 10th May



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