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23rd April 2020

Esteemed Fellow Members,

I do hope that the stress, strains and truly unprecedented scenario that landed like a tsunami surge has found in all of us a will, desire and determination to defeat this worldwide virus and in true Garryowen style and tradition win this ferocious battle as well.

Neither should we forget that just 100 years ago our Country and indeed our fellow Garryowen men and women took on and came out on top against ‘The Great Flu’ of that era. 20,000 Irish perished and the world lost in the region of 1.5/2 million men, women and children.

To add more misery at that time, the Munster Senior Cup was abandoned, isn’t it amazing 100 years on and the AIL had to also be abandoned, as we sat with 4 games to go in a very comfortable 2nd position.

Would we have won the title? My own opinion says we had welded together a remarkable group of young men with an attitude that had become synonymous with what wiser council had seen and indeed played with before them, A Will to Win!!

Yes, this squad, managed by truly superb Garryowen bred coaches and assistants who had what was necessary, and yes, I couldn’t see us not winning the AIL 2019/2020.

Now, hopefully this deadly Virus that took it from us and shattered our dream has started to begin its departure to hell and stay there; We have to re-group: as our song says ‘Our Hearts so Stout’ and do what our Fathers and Forefathers before us have done across the world for 140 years. Let’s get ourselves together and get on with it.

This will not be easily done for sure but as we face into a new world challenge that includes killing that virus forever and learning to acknowledge that our future in life and in Garryowen too will have to overcome, situations and crisis that we’ve not even dreamt of.

Our tradition in this famous club is for sure ‘Fearless and Bold’ and ‘Daring to Dream! So now let’s get stuck in.

However, dreaming will not get us to top the poll. Our financial position has tanked since last AGM. Mind you it was flagged! The IRFU recently to a fanfare told us €500k was now in Santa’s Summer gift bag and ready to be given to the clubs to allow them to relax! As this was money from America like! Very simply, as Tom English once proclaimed “T’wouldn’t buy leggings for a canary”!

So, let us not forget our recovery process from this financial chaos and unemployment etc. that’s already seen a half a million workers, laid off work, is certain to cause our economy (up to now booming) to change, certainly in the short term to very damaging levels as business life, and all forms of our day to day activities are turned around.

Hopefully our members and friends can and will be as supportive as possible to each other and that our community club spirit will be able to play a part helpful to all our members. Expect a call from our Treasurer!

Finally, I wish good health and every possible good wish to Garryowen people everywhere.

Frank Hogan

Garryowen FC President 2019/20

Come on the Boys in Blue!!

NB – Covid-19 has necessitated the postponement of our AGM and nominations for same. As soon as Government Regulations are clarified, the club will be in touch with you, with all relevant details of new meeting date & nomination timelines etc.